A Picture-Perfect Welcome Table

First impressions matter. Ask anyone. We’re willing to bet you remember what it felt like to meet your partner for the first time – your initial thoughts, and especially the way that person made you feel.

 Your wedding day deserves no less! It’s important to set up a fabulous first impression for your guests – we’re talking about the famous welcome table. After all, it’s one of the first things they see when they show up for your celebration. One of our clubs, Granite Bay Golf Club in Granite Bay, California, has some ideas on how to customize yours to perfection.


Make it Personal

The big day is all about you and your partner, and your welcome table is no exception. Friends and family members are traveling from far and wide to celebrate you. This is the perfect opportunity to let them get to know you better! The welcome table should be a representation of the special couple while reflecting the theme and style of your wedding. Did you take engagement photos? Your guests want to see them! Have a favorite romantic quote, or song lyric that’s special to you two? Find a way to display it here. There’s no wrong way to customize, so have fun with it.  


Make it Fun

The big day is a celebration, after all! Tap into you and your partner’s fun personalities to take your welcome table to the next level. If you two are big travelers with lots of exciting adventures under your belt, you might bring a globe to display as a decoration on your welcome table, with a few travel photos together. Our suggestion? Mix up different heights with the items you use for your welcome table. This will add a sense of whimsy for a look that’s just right. For example, prop a poster-sized seating chart  against the wall behind the table, arrange a series of shorter framed photos and incorporate a medium-height floral arrangement.  


Make it Heartfelt

You can’t go wrong with sentimental pieces that are important to you and your loved ones. If you’re considering having any memorial photos of family members who have passed on, your welcome table is another great spot to display them. Another idea is to use pictures of the couple’s parents and grandparents from their weddings as a nod to the family history, and to the tradition of love and commitment the couple is continuing with their own union.

Are you including a welcome table for your wedding day? What sort of decor are you planning? Share your ideas in the comments below!