Versatile Venue

Weddings come in many shapes and sizes these days, ranging from intimate elopements to extravagant parties. We know that the type and style of wedding is a reflection of the bride’s personality. That choice is a very important one in the process of planning this special day.

Every bride has a different style, and has unique ideas that probably come from months (or years!) of fantasizing about and imagining this day.

Whether you want an elegant and sophisticated wedding or a rustic and chic style, the venue you choose plays a major role in what your wedding ends up looking and feeling like.

Hunting for a wedding venue that fits your style and the type of wedding you’ve chosen to have is one of the largest tasks to get done when you are wedding planning. Here are three things to keep in mind when choosing a venue.


Your wedding venue should be able to accommodate all of your guests with the appropriate amount of space and offer a versatile layout that will let you design your wedding the way you want!

A venue that has room for you, your family and your bridal party to get ready together and take stunning photos would be the best-case scenario, of course.


The ceremony and reception spaces should lend the atmosphere you want for the day with the existing architecture, fixtures and decor. If you need to bring in a lot of your own decoration pieces, the space should be one that will work as a canvas for how you want to decorate.

The space you choose needs to have enough options for you to customize what you need, but still speak for itself in a way that fits your event.

Amenities and Services

The third thing that’s important to consider are any extra amenities that are provided to you when you rent the space.

Are table and chair rentals included? How about linens and tableware? Does the space come with a ceremony or day-of coordinator to assist you? These are all things to consider if you feel as though you will need them to make your wedding go smoothly.

The service that the venue and their staff provide is also incredibly important. If you want food and drink service included, you have to know the food will be delicious, the wait-staff is competent and friendly, and that the bartenders will treat your guests right.

Don’t be overwhelmed by this list! It can often seem that in order to find a place that checks all of these boxes, you would need a small miracle. But, with ClubLife Weddings, we aim to cross everything off your list.

Our clubs provide multiple spaces to choose from for your wedding, from ballrooms to golf courses to patios. We can adapt and accommodate your dream design with our flexible spaces, with lots of options for different decorative styles. The team and staff at our clubs are dedicated to providing impeccable service for you and your family.

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