Sip, Sip, Hooray!

There’s nothing like a custom cocktail to toast your brand-new marriage, and these days, your options are endless! If a signature cocktail is something you’re dreaming of for your big day, we’ve got all the inspiration you need for the perfect drink. Check out these clever cocktail trends we’re loving!

Pink Mimosa
Everyone loves a classic mimosa, and this pink twist is a fun take on an old fave.

Color-Themed Drinks
Tie in your wedding colors in the signature cocktail! From lovely lavender to rich reds, the sight will be pure beauty.

Classic Martini
As timeless as it is iconic, a classic martini is sure to wow each of your guests.

“The Groom,” Whiskey and Coke
Treat your main man to something that’s designed just for him with a timeless blend of smooth whiskey and crisp Coca Cola.

“The Bride,” Vodka and Cranberry Juice
We didn’t forget about you, ladies! For something crisp and fruity, a vodka/cranberry is the perfect choice.

Fall Sangria
Shake up your celebration with the bold flavors of a seasonal sangria with fresh fall fruit!

Moscow Mule
Spicy and sweet, this refreshing cocktail’s unique combination of ginger and lime will have everyone ready to celebrate!

Pop of Raspberries
Take your champagne toast to the next level with the colorful addition of beautiful fall raspberries!