It’s All in the Details

Your wedding day is so much more than simply the vows and the rings. It’s the shoes. The flowers. The napkins. The seating arrangement. The first dance selection. It’s that meticulous attention to detail that sets your special day apart from the rest – and here at ClubLife Weddings, we’re happy to help! From themed cake balls to specially-decorated toothpicks, our seasoned experts across the country are on hand to help you dream big and think up innovative ideas for the day you say “I do.” Because a love as timeless as yours deserves a celebration like no other. Here are small details that we love with BIG impact!

Monogrammed Bridesmaids Gifts

The Watch

A Gifted Plant

Delicate Cake Balls

Decorated Tooth Picks

Special Words

Matching Socks

Floral Champagne Glass