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Bridal Showers 101

You’ve got the ring, you’ve got the venue – now it’s time to party before the big party! That’s right, we’re talking about your bridal shower. Did you know our wedding venues host more than just wedding receptions and ceremonies? We host bridal showers too – yes, even for nonmembers. And the best part of all is that we take all the stress out of planning and hosting! Here’s everything you need to know about bridal showers, whether you’re the maid of honor, mother of the bride, or the bride herself!

Okay, a bridal shower. What exactly is it?

An event to celebrate the bride’s upcoming marriage. The point is to shower her with gifts and love, to add to the fun surrounding the couple’s big day.

Cool! Who throws it?

Usually the bridesmaids or close family or friends. But really, just like the wedding itself, the sky’s the limit!

When should it be held?

3 months to 2 weeks before the wedding. Close enough to the ceremony so the shower feels timely, but not so close the bride is stressed out about her jam-packed schedule.

What happens?

Eat, sip, mingle, play a few games (bridal bingo, celebrity couple quiz) and open gifts. The fiancé sometimes even shows up at the end to say hello and help carry out gifts!

Got it! How do I handle invites?

Trust us – printed invitations are still are thing. If you go that route, pick something creative and feminine; the guests will be impressed. Don’t forget to make sure you include where the bride is registered so guests can buy gifts!

Makes sense. How about some common bridal shower themes?

We’re so glad you asked! Derby, Tea Party, Floral, Stock the Bar and Brunch are some of our favorites. Just think about the bride – the theme of the wedding, her special interests or passions, and let that guide you as you plan a theme.

Get Social

Don’t forget to have your friends use your wedding hashtag so you can see all of your pictures in one place! You can even create a special social media filter for your event.

Don’t Forget the Details

Here are a few key ways you can make the bridal shower over-the-top special:

  • A seat of honor with flowers near the bride’s chair
  • Balloons arches or a fun backdrop for photos
  • Flavored water (add watermelon or cucumber) – easy and impressive
  • A tasty fruit cocktail, like a sparkling white peach sangria
  • Keepsakes – have the guests sign a champagne bottle, have them write down wedding advice on a notecard, etc.
  • A showstopping dessert

So there you have it. Use this post to go forward and plan a fun-filled, joyous bridal shower the bride and your guests will never forget!

Search our venues now to host your bridal shower at one of our convenient locations across the country.

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